Testimonials and Reviews

Following are some of the reviews I have received for my orgone jewellery and art pieces over the years. To see more reviews, go to Etsy.com.

chakra set testimonialShipped very early and the pieces are wonderfully made. Each piece of orgone came with a little card describing the stone included. They’ve been in my home for just about a week and I can definitely feel the energy of the orgone. My plants are growing faster and my cat is calmer than usual. Thank you, Karin!


testimonial - orgonite pendantFor the first three or four days that I wore this orgonite pendant, I felt almost euphoric, a kind of cool relaxation emanating from the center of my chest. The effect is still there but not as prominent. The pendant is absolutely lovely. I wear it inside of my clothes next to my skin, because I wear it for me, not for others.

testimonial - orgonite pendant 2

I gave this to my son and he loves it. He keeps it next to his bed at night, and the first night it was there, he woke up and told me about a complex dream. It was the first time that he had ever related a dream to me.


orgonite pendant testimonialArrived really fast, only 1 week to get to LA! It is so so well-made and beautiful, in just 1 week I have felt a huge difference in my spiritual healing. Karin was so nice to listen to my concerns and direct me to this orgonite pendant. Highly recommend this seller & I’ll definitely be back!


testimonial pyramid orgoniteI really much needed this for my new house! Its beautiful and in my opinion it has helped. Thank you very much for your creations and for the gift included. I´m looking forward my next purchase (an orgonite pendant to carry with me 🙂


ankh pendant testimonialI love my Ankh thank you so much for your beautiful creation … it’s amazing !


orgonite review pendantPendant arrived quickly. This orgonite pendant is absolutely gorgeous and much prettier than the picture. The seller included an extra orgonite star. I highly recommend this seller.

orgonite ring reviewA great seller! I’ve bought them as a gift, she liked them so much! It was an international post but seller has managed to sent it exactly on time, for her birthday. Also I wanted to send a note, and that note was written by hand. That’s amazing. I was really surprised and it’s obvious that seller really spent time on that. She made someone happy today. I was currently in U.S and she was far away from me, that’s why it was very important for us.


orgonite no frills reviewThis item is expertly made and I am extremely pleased with it, sleeping soundly with it on my bedside table at night. Seller communication was first class would definitely purchase from again.


orgonite pendant reviewBeautiful pendant that is more than just a piece of jewelry. It heals and will continue to heal as it is worn. Love it. I know I will be buying more articles because each piece I have purchased already has done more than the creator has alluded to.


moss agate pyramid orgonite review testimonialI order this one and a garnet one…and LOVE them both. I also received a small card for each item that described the properties and uses which was so helpful.

-Collette Patricia

lapis pyramid reviewThis is top product! I’ve been purchasing orgonites from other shops, but none of them compares to this one! It is very well made, the resin is smooth to touch and it looks amazing!!!!! Will be ordering more from this shop! 10 STARS! 🙂


spiritual growth orgonite reviewBeautiful pendant and powerful orgone! I could feel it as soon as I put on. Love the adjustable cord as well. I plan to order more for friends & family very soon. Thank you for a gorgeous piece of healing jewelry and excellent customer service.

orgonite pendant review 2LOVE IT! I am much more grounded and I generally feel better about myself and my surrounding. My work is filled with negative energy and I am able to block that from affecting me like it used to.

orgonite puck reviewI keep it beside my bed at night and it definitely helps with the negative energy. When I sleep, I sleep more soundly!


garnet pyramid orgonite reviewI absolutely love this! I was a bit unsure at first glance because of the lack of a capstone, but this design actually allows the pyramid to fit perfectly in my hand. I love how I can hold it while typing this review!! The energy that emanates from this mysterious creation is very noticeable, especially when placed against your palm chakra. It feels like a slightly numbing sensation gently flowing up my arm. It is beautifully crafted, both in how it looks and feels. Thank you so much 🙂


emotional healing pendant reviewAbsolutely beautiful, I cannot thank you enough. It was very kind of you to upgrade the postage; this is an excellent seller who I would strongly recommend if you are looking to buy Orgonite. Thank you Karin!


kids pendant orgonite review

I ordered this for my daughter and it arrived within 48 hours! My daughter knew exactly what was in the envelope and grabbed it from the postman and literally ripped it open! (She would never usually open something without asking first). She loved it immediately and wears it all day, always remembering to put it on as soon as she gets up. Thank-you so much for a much-loved pendant and exquisite service!


no frills pendant reviewWow! This is my first piece of Orgonite and I am amazed at what I have discovered. This is a powerful pendant and I haven’t taken it off since it arrived 3 days ago (except to put it under my pillow when I sleep)! Thank-you so very much and you are a wonderful, helpful seller. I’m coming back for more! God Bless you x


emotional healing orgonite pendant review 2I bought this for me. I immediately felt a change in my emotions and overall outlook when I put it on. I personally own two pendants from her, and each puts off its own energy accordingly. They do work!


orgonite no frills reviewThis one was given to my 11yr old. Out of all Orgonite made jewelry I’ve bought, hers has worked the best. She has unique designs for male and female, so that no one is left unprotected


love orgonite pendant reviewAbsolutely loved this so much, really cleared my heart chakra as well as being protective. It was a mother’s day gift from my daughter, so extra special……Thank you so much, it will be treasured for life xxx


carnelian orgonite pendant reviewI purchased this piece for my new art studio. It is sitting on my desk at the moment. I cannot stop admiring it! Love it! Thank you! 🙂


spiritual growth orgonite pendant reviewBEAUTIFUL!!!! So pleased with this necklace! Thank you for your guidance Karin in helping me select the perfect pendant! You have a special talent making these little masterpieces! Also thank you for the little gift enclosed with my order! The care you put into the packaging ensured my parcel arrived safe and sound. Thank you!


tigers eye pyramid orgonite reviewCannot describe how beautiful this is. I keep it by my bed and have been recalling dreams more. Very well packaged so could not have possibly been damaged in transit. Very happy with it! 🙂


garnet orgonite pendant reviewPurchased this orgonite for my teenage son to wear while around all the EMFs in school. The first day he wore it he said he didn’t feel as frustrated. Wonderful item and great communication from seller. Would recommend.


Onyx orgonite pendant reviewThis is so very beautiful in person! This was a gift for my mother and she loves it! She has told me she get compliments where ever she goes. All her friends want their own now. I will definitely purchase more. Karin is such a great spirit. She always answers my many questions and you can tell she loves what she does. I have been inspired to try make my own orgonite this year! Thank you Karin


tigers eye pyramid orgonite reviewArrived promptly, despite the festive period. The pyramid itself is clear, smooth and shiny, and peering into it gives the feeling of looking in on another world. The flecks of gold are a nice detail whilst the tiger’s eye has an attractive, almost iridescent, quality to it. Small enough to hold in the hand but not so small that it would go unnoticed on, say, a mantle piece. Also, thanks for including the smaller orgon gift. It now rests on a chain around my neck thanks to a little hole which I drilled through one of the corners. Overall, pleased I made the investment. Looking forward to experiencing the much-talked-about healing qualities of orgon in the coming days and months. Thanks and blessings.


Love orgonite pendant review 2Beautiful orgonite, thank you Karin. Such a pretty orgonite with so much amazing loving energy coming through.


I am so happy with my pendent. It's absolutely beautiful!! I felt the energy as soon as the package was put into my hand. Will be purchasing more!!!I am so happy with my orgonite pendent. It’s absolutely beautiful!! I felt the energy as soon as the package was put into my hand. Will be purchasing more!!!


tourmaline charging plate reviewAbsolutely love this charging plate, it has so much energy and looks so beautiful as well. Karin thank you so much and also massive thank you for the extra gift and everything you do, because my spiritual journey started when I purchased my first orgonite from you. xxx


lapis orgonite pendant review3Beautiful piece of jewellery, immediately felt the power contained within it, almost like a vortex on my chest, got used to it very quickly and now I only have to place my focus on it to feel it’s energy radiating, very happy x


chakra set reviewAmazing results when used during a Reiki session with a client. I am planning on using this set with a Clearing Session that I offer at my spa . Strong vibrational set and so happy that I found this seller. You can tell by all the pieces what compassion and love go into each piece! What a blessing!


turquoise pendant orgonite reviewMy energy has completed shifted in ways I couldn’t imagine before. I feel more confident. My chakras feel balanced and energize. I’m not fearful of the future anymore because it eliminates bad thoughts and energy around me. It has changed my life in many beautiful ways. I was able to accomplished daily goals due to increase creativity and positivity. I am more able now to express exactly how I feel and focus on goals which was pretty hard for me to do before. I have been very into spirituality before but this made me an even more true believer of how energy, thoughts and emotions play a huge role in our lives. I’ve received nothing but blessings and happiness, of course not in a magical way but more like physically my life is on a continuous good path. All I can say is you have to see it to believe it. Thankyou Karin,Blessings!


kids pendant orgonite review 2Love love love this necklace and so does my daughter. She wears it every day to school. And thanks for the extra special bonus gift. I felt and instant warming sensation when I picked it up. Awesome. Now I want my own necklace! Quick shipping too! Peace to you!


onyx orgonite pendant review 2Absolutely beautiful piece. Made of high quality materials. It has a noticeable clearing and loving energy. Hats off to you Karin for lovingly creating such a wonderful orgonite piece. I gave it a name and thoughtform to live in it consisting of self-empowerment and protection. Intention and belief makes the piece even more powerful.


rose quartz orgonite pyramid reviewI love this orgonite pyramid!!! I will have to buy more of them. For those of you who do Chakra work, this is really helpful. I have been working on opening my heart Chakra for a while – which is why I decided to get this. I can definitely tell that it’s working. 🙂


dragon orgonite reviewAbsolutely beautiful! I love orgonite! I have been putting the extra stones I receive with my order in with my potted plants. One of my vines wasn’t doing so well. For weeks, it kept dying at the ends. When I put the orgonite in with it, it had new growth within a few days! I knew I was drawn to orgonite for a reason! 🙂


orgonite pendant review stephenieThe pictures do not do Karin’s products justice. This is absolutely gorgeous. Shipped and arrived very quickly. I guess the best review is that I have already ordered 2 more orgonite pieces from Karin.


kids pendant orgonite reviewBeautiful pendant, my daughters were delighted with it and now want more orgonites. I noticed they sleep better and are more calmer. Thank you for speedy delivery and the beautiful little touches – lovely little bags for each pendant with information about each orgonite and free gift


fluorite orgonite pendant reviewThis is an excellent pendant and I wear it every day. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the entire ordering & delivery process was efficient and pleasant. I would highly recommend this product as well as the seller.


wicca orgonite pendant reviewWords can’t describe how much in love this. I ordered it earlier this month and I was concerned that it was lost in the mail. I emailed the shop ton let them know that I haven’t received it. They replied promptly to me to let them know so they could replace it for free. Its coming from London so to know they care about their customers is amazing upon itself. I received it today and literally it took my breath away. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and a little free gift of a heart was equally as beautiful. The amethyst is just, breath taking and the pentagram is so beautiful as well with the golden touch. I am not only so happy that I ordered this for my early birthday gift to myself, which is 3 days away. 🙂 but I will order from here anytime & I will wait as long as it takes to receive more jewelry from them


moss agate pyramid orgonite review testimonialI have had my eye on this orgonite pyramid for awhile because Moss Agate is my favorite stone, and I love the interior design of this one, however I was reluctant to buy a truncated pyramid. But then I saw a video where someone placed something on top of it, and that gave it a whole new function! It is just as beautiful as the picture. I have bought several items from this seller and her work is delightfully both artistic and true to the intended purpose of orgonite. Always satisfying purchases.


jade necklace reviewAmazing Necklace! I got one for my mom and she noticed a change around her work environment the next day. Someone that was troubling her actually started being nice to her. Also, thank you for the extra gift! My mom was definitely happy.

– Randall

porgonite pendant reviewI am a returning customer. I live in Asia and the pendants arrive so quick, at Diwali. Seller ship right after i order and i received it 5 days after order. I love this pendant even more than the last one. It looks beautiful and i almost wear it everyday. And amazing things is happening. It helps you increase personal energy, clear the blockage and manifest. Thank you.


heart pendant reviewI love the look of this necklace and I love how it makes me feel. The allergy doctor told me I was allergic to half of what he tested me for and was in chronic pain. Since I have started wearing this necklace along with switching from massage to acupuncture and my pain level is minimal. Also, the seller wrote me a personal note and included a free gift for the delay in getting the necklace mailed. Thank you Organise Yourself


aum orgonite pendant reviewI ordered this for my mom because she deals with so much stress and negativity at work and we’re both glad that I did. She’s much calmer these days and she noticed that more people are smiling at her and coming up to her lately, even the people at work that are usually rude to her. I noticed it myself while shopping with her the other day. People kept coming up to us asking if we needed help or anything and I believe it’s her positive energy being aided by the necklace that’s attracting people. On top of being effective, it’s beautiful and definitely an eye catcher. The necklace arrived in good time and we appreciate the nice little orgone generator you included with it. I got a pendant for myself and I look forward to receiving it. Thank you so much for this amazing purchase 🙂


orgonite pendant review premaSeller ship out the next day right after my order. Arrive in around one week. Thank you for the item and the bonus gift. Its more beautiful than the photo. A great shop with orgonite of personal style. Would like to purchase more in future. I believe your orgonite jewelry can help people transform and hv a better life.


orgonite pendant review ravn First of all: Beautyfull artwork. It gives me that “mystical enchanted pendant”-feel, wich i love. It may be placebo, it may be other energies, but i do feel it calms me down. Like if it balances me out. Im really sensitive to all Kine of emotions and energies like weather-changes, negative energy etc. Since i started wearing this pendant, ive slept better, felt like i can handle situations better and for the first time in my life ive felt like im more confident in whatever situation. In general more “clear”. Hard to explain. So to all sceptics, like myself: i should say, give it a shot 🙂 You will be amazed 🙂 And to shop owner- thank you, soo mutch. I will probably order more of your crafts 🙂 Also got lotsa compliments for this fine pendant.


turquoise orgonite pendant review 2This pendant literally called out my name so I couldn’t resist. These pendants are highly addictive but this is due to the beauty of each piece and their protection abilities (my main reason for purchasing). This is my third pendant and I have another on the way. Very satisfied.


dragon orgonite reviewsAbsolutely STUNNING!!! My son loved it so much he got tears……He considers it one of his prized possessions. He is VERY proud to wear it in the nursing Home! It really is a remarkable piece……MJ and I have matching dragon pendants……..He felt he had drawn me a picture of a dragon for my birthday and that we should have pendants that “bound us together” for his birthday……I am proud to wear mine also…they are beautiful and I will always be comfortable ordering from Karin….she has GORGEOUS works!!!!!!! and FAST!!!!!


jade tigers eye pendant reviewOne of the most beautiful pendants I own, such complementary colors/tones, and has a deep, encompassing protective energy. I especially like the addition of ormus. I really love this artist’s style. And, a cute free gift included.


rose quartz orgonite pyramid reviewThis orgonite pyramid is just soooo amazing. As soon as I unwrapped it, my hands and body tingled. I’ll defo get some more when I’ve got some money saved up. As for the pendants, two people today said how well I look, best in ages. And I can’t think of anything else which would make me look and feel good :)))


tourmaline orgonite pendant reviewYesterday, when I reached home at 2100hrs from hospital, dead tired after a long shift of 12hrs! I saw this parcel and put on the pendant after having a shower. There was a lovely pink heart shaped organite with it. Had some dream whilst my night sleep. This morning, on duty in the hospital, I got a compliment from one of the staff members which was : ‘hello doctor, you face is glowing today’. I was so surprised as I was told yesterday and the day before that I look knackered! I am sure it is this pendant which is doing the magic! I feel happy and calm too. I bought this because I read that tourmaline helps in grounding and stops the negativity. My job is that I see many patients everyday and whatever I do, I take home a lot of moaning and crying which makes me feel utterly drained. Tourmaline is surely helping! Gold:glow!


citrine tigers eye orgonite reviewIt was a wonderful experience. Recieved my pendant which was beautiful, it went to old address, was sent back to me by Karin and a gift of pyramid too which shows her kindness and honesty. Love the little button which was sent in the pack. I am definitely going to recommend Karin and the products are beautifully made. 5 stars for the service and the products. P.S: After wearing the pendant, mind was at rest. The dreams were very clear like a movie., although I do not remember now, but yes…. Regards Mamta


mop orgonite pendant reviewSo exceeded my expectations, I hardly find the words. This orgonite pendant is GORGEOUS. I was afraid of it looking awkward, too big, etc.. Its perfect. Absolutely perfect. The stones are bright & vibrant, and the charm really pops! Already experiencing clarity & ease of mind. If you have never used one of these, I really suggest giving it a chance. I was skeptical at first but now I never want to take it off 🙂


dolphin orgonite pendant reviewIt’s my third Karins orgonite, and I’m really really pleased to feel its benefits. Why 3 orgonites , and probably more? Cause they’re unique, and I really feel the differents properties of its gemstones! Merci’^^’


turquoise pendant reviewAmazing detailing on the orgonite pendant, really beautiful, wear it everyday, exellent customer service, great generocity ( lovely pyramid included at no extra cost ) all in all this is a great shop and would highly recommend it.


pearl orgonite keyring reviewSo happy with purchase! quick and well packaged delivery; the key ring is really stunning; Karin’s Orgonites are the most beautiful, unique and cheapest i have seen online. She sent me a lovely extra little orgonite and somehow it smelled gorgeous too. Finally and most importantly, i felt wonderful as soon as i held the talisman in my palm… I could not recommend highly enough! thanks


turquoise orgonite pendant review 3Amazing craftmanship and great attention to detail, very pleased. Karin is a delightful soul, with creations to match ( this is my third purchase ) , great satisfaction, exellent customer service, and a nice surprice included, with each purchase ( very generous ) . All the best, warm wishes Karin. Highly recomend this orgonite shop.


tourmaline pyramid reviewBeautifully made with attention to detail. Other orgonite sellers have pyramids that probably work too, but Kayinda’s are the most beautiful I’ve seen here on Etsy. What I like is that I’m able to see the crystal at the top of the pyramid within the resin matrix. It looks like it’s “sitting” on top of the metallic material, so the over all effect is way cool. It’s a nice size, very discrete, but powerful! (See picture) She is also very nice to deal with and is good at communicating with prospective sellers if they have questions. Her website http://orgoniseyourself.com/ has some nice info on orgonite and more pictures of her stuff. Highly recommended


turquoise pendant review 4Amazing! I wear mine every day… has improved my life immensely to the point where I have turned other people onto these as well… perhaps I could learn how to make them myself someday. so beautiful… thank you!! (also arrived quite promptly considering I live in the US) <3 Much Love!


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