Orgonite Pendants for Kids

I recently added some orgonite pendants for kids to my Etsy shop:

Kids seem to be particularly drawn to orgonite, as they are more sensitive to energy.  They are also much more sensitive to EMF pollution than adults are, and exposure to mobile phones and Wi-Fi can lead to health complications such as ADHD and DNA damage.  Orgonite is one way to increase your children’s resistance to EMFs (crystals such as tourmaline and moss agate can also be used for this purpose).

These kids orgonite pendants contain crystal quartz, selenite, ormus, rose quartz and a cute howlite starfish.

Rose quartz is a fantastic crystal for kids, as it has a very loving and nurturing energy. It heals the heart chakra on all levels and helps keep it open and healthy, especially when worn over the heart as a pendant.

Rose quartz is particularly helpful for kids who show aggressive tendencies, or kids with low self-esteem.  It encourages unconditional love, trust and deep inner healing, as well as a receptivity to love and beauty of all kinds.

Howlite is associated with purity and balance.  It has a calming energy which is effective for relieving anxieties and tension by promoting peaceful energy and tranquility.  Howlite helps us develop patience, tolerance and a positive outlook on life.  It also promotes kindness and compassion, and encourages creativity and self-expression.

The pendants are 2.5 x 2.5 cm (approximately 1 x 1″), making them a perfect size and weight for the little ones.  You can choose your cord length, as with all my pendants.

To see the kids’ orgonite pendants that I currently have in stock, have a look at my Etsy orgonite shop.

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Featured Orgonite

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Amethyst and Onyx Orgonite Pyramid
  • GBP: £65
love orgonite pyramid - orgone pyramid generator
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Love Orgonite Pyramid
  • GBP: £60
Black tourmaline orgonite pyramid - orgone pyramid generator
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Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid
  • GBP: £30

Bestselling Orgonite Pendants

Abundance Orgonite Pendant - small orgonite pendant by Orgonise Yourself
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Abundance Orgonite Pendant – Small
  • GBP: £0
Protection orgonite pendant bronze- large orgonite necklace by Orgonise Yourself
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Protection Orgonite Pendant – Large (Bronze)
  • GBP: £45
Medium rectangular no-frills orgonite pendant - cheap orgonite necklace 1
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No-Frills Orgonite Pendant – Medium (Rectangular)
  • GBP: £15

Bestselling Orgonite Pyramids

Amethyst orgonite pyramid - crown chakra - Orgone pyramid
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Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid
  • GBP: £30
turquoise orgonite pyramid - orgone pyramid generator by Orgonise Yourself
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Turquoise Orgonite Pyramid
  • GBP: £30
No-frills orgonite pyramid - cheap orgonite by Orgonise Yourself
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No-Frills Orgonite Pyramid
  • GBP: £25

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