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Why You Should put Orgonite in Your Fridge

These days, I always keep a couple of pieces of orgonite in my fridge to make my food last longer.  Since I live by myself, a lot of my food used to go bad before I had the chance to eat it. Since I started keeping orgonite in my fridge, I have noticed that the food stays fresh for longer.  And since orgonite generates positive energy, I can assume that the food absorbs this energy, making it much healthier to eat.

On top of this, refrigerators are a source of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies). Since orgonite protects against the effects of EMFs, it makes sense to put a few pieces of orgonite inside and on top of the fridge.

So, to re-cap, you should put orgonite in your fridge to:

  • Make your food last longer
  • Charge your food with positive energy
  • Protect you against the effects of EMF radiation

This leads me to an experiment I came across in a forum.  Two strawberries were kept outside the fridge for three days, one positioned on a piece of orgonite, the other a control strawberry without any orgonite near it.

Here is the control strawberry:

And the strawberry atop a piece of orgonite:

After three days, here is the control strawberry. The first picture shows the strawberry as it was left, the second shows it with the point of contact facing upwards:

And here is the orgonised strawberry, first positioned as it was left, and in the second picture with the point of contact facing upwards:

And the two strawberries side by side, the orgonised strawberry on the left.

Source: Warrior Matrix Forums

Now of course, this is not a scientific, double-blind experiment, but it does correlate perfectly with the effects that I have experienced with orgonite and food.  Orgonite is powerful stuff!

For more orgonite experiments, go to Orgonite Proof and Experiments.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should put Orgonite in Your Fridge”

  1. blank

    Funny synchronicity! I was talking on the phone with someone you know apparently quite well and was looking for images while talking to him and somehow I end up on your website by looking at the picture of a strawberry on a TB in google image 😉
    Anyway what I wanted to say was, try the same experiment with a banana, it will last for months 🙂

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