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How to Use Orgonite to Heal Energy Blockages in the Body

orgonite meditation
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Everything on our plane of existence is made of energy.  Even though the computer in front of you may seem 100% solid, consider this: Scientists have shown that if an atom was the size of a cathedral, the nucleus inside it would be the size of a small coin.  Atoms are mostly empty space, but when they group together to form a “solid” object, the solidity is actually a result of energy waves that flow through them vibrating quickly enough to form the impression of solidity.

This means that our bodies actually consist of energy, otherwise known as chi, prana or orgone.  For more information about this energy, see the article: Orgonite and Life-Force Energy.

So, what does this have to do with energy blockages?  You see, a perfectly emotionally and physically healthy person would have energy flowing unobstructed through their bodies.  However, when we experience traumas of any kind, no matter how seemingly insignificant, the energy flow in our bodies is restricted.  Even negative thoughts can form energy blockages if they are strong or consistent enough.

If we are in tune with our bodies, we can feel these energy blockages. For example, if you think of a particular memory or situation that makes you feel bad, you can usually feel it in a tangible way – a churning in your stomach, a tight feeling in your chest, or any other physical discomfort.  These blockages diminish your vibration, and in extreme cases can lead to physical illness.

Negative Emotions are a Symptom of Energy Blockages

When you feel negative emotions, these are a manifestation of blocked energy – emotions are simply a way of your body feedback system letting you know whether energy is flowing freely in your body or if it is blocked.  When you are truly happy, you can sometimes feel your whole body buzzing, because healthy energy is flowing through it unobstructed.

How do we Heal Energy Blockages?

Since extreme energy blockages can eventually lead to health problems, we want to encourage a healthy flow of energy through our bodies.  There are many ways that we can do this.  Ancient systems such as Qi Gong and Yoga were developed not only for our physical health, but to facilitate a healthy energy flow in our bodies. Modern techniques such as EFT and various emotional release techniques have the same effect.

However, orgonite can be a powerful tool that we can use to eliminate energy blockages.

How to Eliminate Energy Blockages with Orgonite

Since orgonite turns stagnant and negative energy into positive, healthy energy, surrounding ourselves with healing orgonite can help us get rid of energy blockages.  Wearing an orgonite pendant and keeping orgonite pyramids in our vicinity will help dissolve energy blockages.   Many people feel increased happiness after being introduced to orgonite – this is a sign of a healthier internal energy flow.

However, since this is a passive method, it can take time to get rid of stubborn energy blockages.  We can also be more pro-active about healing energy blockages.  One of my favourite methods for this is combining chakra orgonite with chakra meditations in order to balance the chakras.

Chakra Orgonite and Energy Blockages

Chakras are the main energy vortexes in our bodies.  If you think about it, you will mainly feel negative emotions in your chakras – painful feelings in your chest when you are heartbroken or disappointed, churning feelings in your stomach when you are worried, tight feelings in your throat when we feel intimidated, etc.

When we work on our chakras, we in turn affect the energy in our whole bodies, and we see huge changes in our lives.  You will feel calmer, stronger, more grounded, and this will in turn affect what manifests in your life.

Personally, I use an orgonite chakra set while meditating.  I lie down and put each chakra orgonite piece on its respective chakra, and enter a meditative state.  I like to use binaural beats or chakra meditations which guide me through opening and balancing each chakra.

Orgonite chakra set by Orgonise Yourself 1
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You can also simply put your focus on each chakra and “ask” the orgonite to help you balance the chakra.  Like crystals, orgonite responds well to intention, and any orgonite healing will work best if you focus your intention on how you want the orgonite to function.

A Quantum Touch healer friend of mine regularly uses a set of my chakra orgonite as helpers during her healing sessions.

I regularly use an orgone chakra healing set from OrgoniseYourself, and it’s proved incredibly useful for both assessing the state of someone’s chakras and aura (when the person receiving the healing feels certain sensations from the different chakra orgonites) and also for cleansing, balancing and releasing.

Kajsa Pålsson, Quantum Touch Energy Healer,

8 thoughts on “How to Use Orgonite to Heal Energy Blockages in the Body”

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    Please provide any information you may have regarding the uniting of the Catholic dogmas with the concepts of healing energy. I have experienced a deep inner peace through contemplative prayer and following Church precepts. There is a connection with energy healing and the Catholic beliefs; of this I am certain. Any research you may know about on this subject would be most appreciated. Thank you!

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      Hi Joy,

      I don’t know much about Catholicism since I was raised in surroundings that were mainly Protestant, but I do believe that many of the core teachings of religions are empowering and healing. In fact, all true spirituality is healing. It’s up to each person to find spiritual teachings that truly resonate with them, and it seems you’ve found yours. That’s great! 🙂

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