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13 Properties of Orgone Energy

In the earlier half of the 20th century, Wilhelm Reich studied the properties of bio-energy, also called chi, qi or prana – and what he termed orgone energy. It is through his research into the properties of orgone energy that modern orgonite has been developed. 

wilhelm reich orgone energy
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Wilhelm Reich

The following are the properties Wilhelm Reich noted that orgone energy has:

  1. It is free from mass. It has no inertia or weight
  2.  It is found everywhere, but its concentration is variable, both in time and space
  3. Orgone is in constant motion. It moves uniformly from west to east at speeds well above the speed of earth. This movement consists of a pulsed expansion and contraction of the flow along the curve
  4. It defies the laws of entropy. Orgone energy flows from greater to lesser concentration. This is a normal characteristic of the process of creation, which proves that it is a living energy.
  5. It creates matter
  6. It can be manipulated and controlled
  7. It flows from the sun in huge quantities.  This means that it reaches higher density in the afternoon and disappears in the early morning hours
  8. It is affected by the weather – by conditions such as humidity, degree of cloud cover, temperature and time of day
  9. Orgone is absorbed by water
  10. Orgone radiates over a long distance
  11. It undergoes refraction as it passes through a prism, is reflected by polished surfaces, and it responds to other laws of optics
  12. Orgone can be affected by living beings.  A person’s attitude and emotions can affect surrounding orgone
  13. It passes through all material, but at different speeds

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13 properties of orgone energy
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    Hello Karin,
    I read your blog on Orgone energy. It is fascinating! Im surprised I haven’t heard of it before. I am an energetic healer and you wrote to me through MS relief that your cousin has experienced something similar to the work I do with people with MS. Im so glad to hear he had a positive experience! I would love to know more about Orgone energy. Feel free to visit my site at msalternativehealingcenter.com.

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