Orgonite for Healers

Orgonite makes a great tool for healers, both as a personal energy booster, and as a tool to use in healing practice with a client.

Facilitating Healing with an Orgonite Pendant

Because orgonite draws stale and stagnant energy inside itself, and emits the energy as positive, healthy energy, wearing an orgonite pendant means you constantly have a fresh supply of orgone energy, or chi, surrounding you.  This will benefit anyone – who doesn’t want to have a supply of healing energy surrounding them?

For healers, there is the added benefit that it boosts their healing abilities.  Many healers wear crystals with healing properties as pendants for this purpose – and since the orgonite acts as a magnifier for any crystals encased within it, this will make the healing even more effective.  It will help increase the amount of positive healing energy flowing through the healer’s body.

Spiritual Growth Orgonite Pendant - large orgone necklace
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Spiritual growth orgonite pendant

Orgonite pendants are also good for protecting and grounding healers.  As a healer, you often come into contact with negatively charged energy, and it is important to center and ground yourself properly so that you don’t take on your client’s energy.

Most successful healers make grounding and centering a regular practice, but an orgonite pendant can be provide great additional help for grounding and protection.  Orgonite pendants that contain highly protective and grounding stones, (such as Black Tourmaline) are especially effective.

If you are interested in buying one of my orgonite pendants, I have a selection of different pendants in my online shop.

Chakra Orgonite for Healers

Orgonite chakra set by Orgonise Yourself
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Orgonite chakra set

Orgonite can also be placed directly on the client’s body while you are healing them.  This can be orgonite which is specifically created with gemstone combinations and intent to help heal a specific issue (feel free to contact me for any help choosing a specific piece).   Healers can also use a chakra orgonite set, with 7 pieces of orgonite specially formulated to stimulate and heal each chakra.  The pieces can be placed on each chakra point for a really powerful all-round healing session.

Kajsa Pålsson, a Quantum Touch Practitioner, regularly uses a chakra orgonite set that I have made in her healing practice.  She has the following to say about orgonite:

I regularly use an orgone chakra healing set from OrgoniseYourself, and it’s proved incredibly useful for both assessing the state of someone’s chakras and aura (when the person receiving the healing feels certain sensations from the different chakra orgonites) and also for cleansing, balancing and releasing.

I also have big pyramid orgonites and when I’m feeling stressed, worried or angry I like to place one on my tummy and feel the negativity being sucked out of me — it’s such a quick energy cleanser and they’re also very pretty to have around my home 🙂
-Kajsa Pålsson,

Orgonite Pyramids for Healers

Another way for healers to make use of orgonite, is to place one or more orgonite pyramids in their healing space. The orgonite will help balance the energy of the room, and this will benefit clients. Different pyramids can be chosen depending on what is needed – for example:

  • An Love Orgonite Pyramid, or alternatively any orgonite pyramid with rose quartz, rhodonite and similar heart chakra crystals, can make the client feel safe and nurtured.
  • A Spiritual Growth Orgonite Pyramid, or any pyramid with crystals like lapis lazuli and amethyst, can help the client tap into their Higher Self and accelerate any spiritual transformation.
  • A Protection Orgonite Pyramid, or a pyramid with crystals like onyx and black tourmaline, can help the client be more grounded during the session, as well as being effective against any lingering negative energy.
love orgonite pyramid - orgone pyramid generator
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Love Orgonite Pyramid

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to use orgonite in your healing practice!

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