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Orgonite, Water and Ice Experiments!

Water is one of the most plentiful and interesting substances on the planet. It has a variety of physical features. Our understanding of the ability of water to store energy and frequencies is still only in its infancy, and orgonite can help us explore this even deeper.

orgonite and water
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Masaru Emoto and the Water Crystal Experiment

In the 1990’s, Dr Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments where he observed the effects of words, prayers, music and environment on the structure of water. He had photographs taken before and after exposing the water to the different variables, and then froze the water so that it would form a crystalline structure.

Here are some of the photographic results:

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As you can see, the water molecules that had been exposed to prayer, as well as the water molecules from a clean lake have an even structure, while the water before prayer, and the water from a polluted lake do not.

Emoto then decided to write different words and phrases on the containers of the water:

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Again, there is a striking difference.  And in order to remove bias from the experiment, Emoto used words in different languages too:

… for our trip to Europe we tried using the words “thank you” and “you fool” in German. The people on our team who took the actual photographs of the water crystals did not understand the German for “you fool”, and yet we were able to obtain exactly the same kind of results in the different crystal formations based on the words used.

So what does this have to do with orgonite? Well, Dr Emoto’s experiments show how easily water is influenced vibrationally.  For this reason, orgonite is especially effective when it comes to harmonising and balancing water.

Many people use orgonite charging plates to revitalise their drinking water, and often the change in taste can be observed after only a few minutes of charging.  Orgonite helps protect against the negative effects of fluoride and chlorine.

Orgonite Ice Experiments

One easy way to see the effect of orgonite on water is to freeze water with orgonite directly on top of, or underneath the water. If you want to freeze a control sample, it’s important to do so first, as once you’ve had the orgonite in your freezer, it will have some lingering effect even if you remove it.

So, take a clear glass or a jar, and fill it with water. Leave it in the freezer until it is frozen. Take an image of this to compare it to the orgonite version.

Next, take the same glass with fresh water, and freeze it with the orgonite either directly underneath, or on top of the glass. You should see results similar to the following (pictures from an ice test I did some months ago):

orgonite water ice experiment
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The water to the left was the control, and the photo on the right was frozen on top of an orgonite charging plate.

Here are some images sent to me by a customer who froze the ice cube on the right with an orgonite pendant immediately above it, while the other ice cube on the left was frozen as a control:

orgonite ice experiment 3
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Here are some more images of orgonite ice experiments, from the orgonite forum

orgonite ice experiment warriormatrix 1
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orgonite ice experiment warriormatrix 2
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orgonite ice experiment warriormatrix 3
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As you can see, orgonite has plenty of potential for invigorating and balancing our water supply. One important note though – don’t put orgonite in your drinking water as resin is non-porous, and will dissolve over time. Instead, use a charging plate, or simply keep a piece of orgonite right next to your water.

onyx orgonite charging plate
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Orgonite charging plate

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Orgonite, water and ice experiments
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8 thoughts on “Orgonite, Water and Ice Experiments!”

  1. blank

    Nice site, lots of info.
    I have been using and making orgonite for a few years now, Its very powerful , and enhances ones intent by clearing the EMR from the area where the orgonite is present.
    I did an experiment yesterday .. freezing water and then having a look at the ice formed from the 2vessels. one had a piece of my orgonite underneath , and the other none. see pics below.

    1. blank

      Hi Nicky,
      Glad you like the site 🙂 Those pictures aren’t showing up, seems they are mail attachments. If you like, send them to me at orgonise (at) and I will post them up. I was going to do a post on ice experiments soon anyway 🙂
      Best wishes,

  2. blank


    First thing I would like to say is you guys have a great site that gives out details and proof of the power of the orgone energy and I must say I’m enjoying my experience with the orgone products so far. I have a question about the water exposed to orgone energy. Does the orgone energy actually eliminate the chlorine and fluoride by 100%? Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon:)



    1. blank
      Karin Kayinda

      Hey Mark

      Thanks for the comment and the compliments 🙂 Orgonite doesn’t remove fluoride or chlorine – it protects against their negative effects. Orgonite works on an energetic level, not a physical level. Of course, energy fields affect the physical, but not (usually) in such a direct manner. But if we posit that fluoride and chlorine cause imbalances in the energy field of water, as well as imbalances in our bodies when we consume said water, then orgonite helps by harmonising those energy fields. Not by removing the chemicals, but by rectifying the imbalances that they have caused.

      Hope that helps!

  3. blank

    Water is a cleanser used in baptism to purify the soul. I am careful to use only organic cleansers, toothpaste, and deodorants. I eat an almost 100% organic diet. I engage in contemplative prayer called, “Lectio Devina” daily. I noticed that I feel an increased amount of energy movement in my body while taking a shower. I feel certain that my body, mind, and spirit are transforming to a more positive state. Do you have any information regarding the merging of Catholicism and organite?

    1. blank

      Hi Joy,

      I replied to the comment you made on my post about healing energy blockages. I don’t have any specific information about Catholicism and orgonite, but it sounds like you’re on a great path! I agree that water is an amazing energy cleanser, so it’s probably no coincidence that it’s used in baptism.

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