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Orgonite – A Negative Ion Generator

orgonite - Negative Ion generator
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Orgonite – The negative ion generator

For a long time now I have had a strong suspicion that many of the beneficial effects of orgonite are due to the fact that orgonite creates negative ions.  The anecdotes I have heard about orgonite and negative ions make sense, so I decided to hunt around for some evidence that orgonite creates an abundance of negative ions.

First of all, a little bit of information about negative ions:

Ions are molecules that have either gained or lost electrons.  This causes them to have a positive or a negative charge.  Negative ions have one or more extra electrons, which gives them a negative charge, whereas positive ions are missing one or more electrons, making them positively charged.

You’d think that positive ions would be better for us than negative ions, but that’s not the case – it’s actually the opposite.

The Benefits of Negative Ions

  • When we inhale negative ions, they produce a biochemical reaction in our body that makes our brain increase its serotonin levels. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter which is responsible for alleviating stress and depression, and promoting a feeling of well-being.
  • Negative ions clean the air. A study by the US department of Agriculture found that ionising a room led to 52% less dust and 95% less bacteria in the air. This is because negative ions are attracted to floating particles in the air, and when they fuse they become too heavy to stay airborne, meaning that those particles can now be swept or vacuumed off the floor.
  • Negative ions have been shown to improve high blood pressure, asthma and hay fever.
  • Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, making us feel more alert and giving us more mental energy.
  • Research done at Columbia University showed that people who suffered from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and chronic depression experienced just as much relief from negative ion generators as they did with prescription antidepressants, but without the notorious side effects of antidepressant medication.
  • The metabolic processes that occur in our cells are boosted by negative ions, making our cells more efficient at absorbing nutrients and expelling toxins.
  • Although plants do naturally generate negative ions, there is a fair amount of research that suggests that using negative ion generators helps plants grow faster.

These positive effects are very similar to the effects of orgonite!

Negative ions and orgonite
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Waterfalls generate negative ions

On the other side of the scale, we have positive ions.  Studies have shown that an excess of positive ions can be very damaging to our bodies and minds.  Psychiatrists have found that people who suffer from neuroses are more likely to have psychotic breakdowns when the positive ion index is high than at any other time.

Crime levels increase, as do suicide attempts and car accidents.  Even schools are affected – an analysis of the records of 2000 public school students showed that their conduct was noticeably poorer right before  storm (a time when positive ions greatly outnumber negative ions).

Positive ions can even lead to headaches and nausea, decreased wound healing speed and increased infection rates.  In fact, many European hospitals are required to have negative ion generators.

So, how do we immerse our environments with negative ions? Negative ions are found in abundance in nature, especially by the seaside and by waterfalls.  In urban areas, the levels are much lower, due to pollution and technological appliances, two things which create positive ions.

There are however a few man-made ways to create negative ions.  There are many negative ion generators on the market, ranging from the very complex to the very simple. There is also orgonite, the DIY negative ion generator.

Orgonite – A Negative Ion Generator

While it isn’t clear how orgonite creates negative ions, the effects of orgonite are very similar to the effects of negative ions.  Many orgonite users who know what ionised environments feel like will swear that orgonite creates the same atmosphere.

I’ve dug up a few Youtube videos that show strong evidence in favour of this theory.

 In this video, the ion meter is a bit slow to start, but around the 3-minute mark we see a huge jump on the meter.

I think it’s fantastic that people are conducting experiments like this, adding to the growing collection of orgonite proof.

21 thoughts on “Orgonite – A Negative Ion Generator”

  1. blank

    Just discovered the information on Orgonite. Just wondering how orgonite pendants and pyramids will affect people who have steel pins in their bodies? Would love to know. Very interesting subject.

    1. blank

      Hi Mari,
      I don’t know much about how having steel pins would affect you energetically but I doubt it would make a huge difference where orgonite is concerned. Orgonite is a still bit of mysterious subject in that it can’t really be explained in ‘conventional’ scientific terms and we don’t know all about it yet… But we do know it does good stuff to us. It’s all about experimenting 🙂

      Best wishes,

  2. blank

    Thank you for a good point! I agree with you, and I see this argument currently as the strongest – for the falsification of our devices.

    It is only a matter of very short time now, before our understanding of dimension’s are revolutionised – This will come trough The Most Vindicated science of all – quantumphysics – and beyond, the sceptics will soon reach the unified field and proof it’s existance for good, there is no denying the precsense of an ultimate force of driving energy behind nature any longer.

    Thank you very much – 🙂 your stuff is lovly – check our page, if you like…

    1. blank

      Thanks for the comment Yussef
      I checked out your sit, love your pocket domes. Jag ser att ni är från Danmark – jag är i Sverige just nu över julen 🙂 Great to see orgonite interest popping up in different countries.

      Best wishes,

  3. blank

    If it were really creating anions then technically it is creating electricity. I highly doubt this is happening. I believe it is more like EZ water how like attracts like. There is something going on with the magnetic properties of the materials used and how EZ water functions. The theories of Orgone are outdated and wrong.

    1. blank

      Hi Jake,
      Thanks for your comment. I didn’t know about EZ water, I will check it out now. I admit, after some more experience with orgonite and more research, I do agree that the theory of how orgonite works needs to be looked into more.

  4. blank

    Ive then making orgonite for 14 months now and it has had positive results on the weather in Ohio.I’ve had positive results with the way that I feeI. I don’t feal the kind of pain in my joints hands and feet like I used to. It is about 95 percent better than it was a year ago. I have so much orgonite
    in our house and around many different towns. It has made a huge difference. I sell pyramid tower busters on eBay and other orgonite products. Check it out my username on eBay is jptime29

    1. blank

      Hi John,
      Thanks for stopping by and posting your story! Glad to hear that orgonite has been working for your joints.It’s amazing stuff isn’t it?

  5. blank

    hi there

    do you have any information/link about the study you quoted (“…an analysis of the records of 2000 public school students showed that their conduct was noticeably poorer right before storm…”)?

    That would be very helpful to me.

    Thank you!


    1. blank

      Hi Ben,

      I’ve been unable to find the original study, although there are many mentions of it all over the net. I admit that was a bit sloppy of me, in the future I will try to include links to the original studies where I can. Here is one of the sources I have found that mentions the study:

      And here is another page which lists similar studies – with original sources this time – about how negative ions improve performance (more so in women than men, and it seems that some people are more impacted by negative ions than others):

      Hope this helps!

      1. blank

        I don’t have a study, but my daughters kindergarten had a huge flux of biting and hitting before a random large storm.

    1. blank

      Orgonite doesn’t produce positive ions. I believe you’re alluding to a popular Youtube video that’s doing the rounds, but in my opinion, it’s just disinformation and can’t be trusted. The proof is in the pudding – positive ions make people feel bad, while orgonite usually makes people feel good. As long as you’re feeling happier and healthier, keep doing what you’re doing.

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