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Orgonite Pendants for Sale

A while ago, I made a new batch of orgonite pendants using selected gemstones, and I have now put them up for sale in my orgonite pendant shop.  All of the orgonite pendants contain resin, metal shavings, a quartz crystal, ormus and powdered selenite to keep the orgonite cleansed.  Here are a few of my favourite orgonite pendants, and a description of their qualities and attributes:

Garnet Orgonite Pendant

Garnet is one of my favourite stones.  It’s a root chakra stone which has a very energising yet soothing effect.  It’s good for helping you sooth your emotions, especially if you have a lot of held-in anger.  It also works great against depression, and increases joy, hope will-power and motivation.

If that wasn’t good enough, it’s also the stone of passion. 😉 This can be related to romantic passion (it also balances out your sex drive, whether it is too high or too low), as well as a general passion for life.

Garnet is a good stone for business.  As mentioned before, it increases your will-power and motivation, but it is also good for social success and creating strong, positive relationships with people.

This orgonite pendant would be great for anyone who feels lack-lustre and needs that extra spark in any area of their life.  It’s also good for people who want to ignite passion in their romantic relationships, and for people who need a boost in their career life.

I recently gave a garnet orgonite pendant to one of my close friends, and she felt the difference as soon as she put it on (she is sensitive to energy). It also gave her some interesting, vivid dreams – although she didn’t divulge the details of these!

More garnet orgonite pendants for sale can be found here.

Black Tourmaline Pendant with 24K Gold Flake

gold tourmaline orgonite for sale
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I made a few orgonite pendants experimenting with crushed black tourmaline and 24-karat gold flake.  The results came out much more beautiful than I had expected!  The contrast of the black and gold came out great. Bling bling!

Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones to use for grounding yourself when you feel scattered and disconnected, and it is also one of the top choices for protection against EMF radiation and negative energy in general.

Tourmaline is an interesting stone in that it has the same piezoelectric properties that quartz does – that is, it gives off a charge when put under pressure.  When orgonite is curing, the resin shrinks, which puts continual pressure on the crystals inside.  The piezoelectric effect of quartz is thought to be one of the main reasons that orgonite works so well at cleaning energy. So, black tourmaline packs a powerful punch in orgonite!

Gold is fantastic in orgonite – not only do people feel it’s warm, solar energy eminating from the orgonite, but it has also been shown by Kirlian photography that orgonite containing gold gives out an impressive, bright energy field. Making orgonite entirely out of gold would be expensive, but just a few flakes go a long way in enhancing the orgonite.

More black tourmaline orgonite pendants for sale can be found here.

Rhodonite, Garnet and Rose Quartz Orgonite Love Pendant

love orgonite pendant for sale
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This pendant was made specifically for people who want more love in their lives.  Romantic or platonic, it doesn’t matter, because what the stone combination in the pendant does is heal your heart chakra and open you up to giving and receiving more love.

Rhodonite has to be my favourite heart chakra stone. It is gentle, but vibrant and strong.  It helps heal inner-child issues, and alleviates loneliness and insecurity.  It can be a great comfort during difficult times, and it helps you find positivity and joy, as well as inspiration and creativity.

Rose quartz seems to be everybody else’s favourite heart chakra stone 😉 (I like it a lot too).  It is a soothing stone which represents love, peacefulness and beauty.  It helps open up the heart chakra, and is fantastic for attracting loving relationships, and bringing harmony into your life.

More rose quartz orgonite pendants for sale can be found here.

Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pendant

lapis lazuli orgonite for sale
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Lapis Lazuli is a third eye and throat chakra stone.  It is highly spiritual and encourages spiritual development. It is sometimes known as the stone of truth – it opens you up to self-knowledge and authenticity, and can often have the same effect on people in your surroundings. I recall an anecdote where a person had very interesting results with lapis lazuli orgonite – it helped her uncover the truth from someone who had been lying to her!

Mostly though, this orgonite pendant will work on your own energy field, so if you are ready for some spiritual growth, this is the one for you.  It can also help enhance your intuition and psychic awareness.  We all have the ability to be guided by our intuition, or gut-feelings, but since it is so often  frowned upon to rely on intuition in a world where rationalism and logic are valued above else, many of us suppress this gift, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously.  Lapis lazuli orgonite can hep you recover this ability.

Lapis is also a good stone of protection against negative energies.

More lapis lazuli orgonite pendants for sale can be found here.

I have many other variations of these orgonite pendants with different embellishments, so if any of them are sold out, or if you’re looking for something different, just visit my orgonite pendant shop and have a look at the orgonites for sale on there!

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