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Garnet Orgonite Pendant Properties

Garnet orgonite pendant
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Garnet orgonite pendant

Garnet is a beautiful stone which is found in many places in the world, and in a variety of colours.  The most common form of garnet is red garnet, also called almandine.

Garnet Properties

Red garnet is a purifying stone which can dissolve depression, negative behavioural patterns and old ideas.  It revitalises, purifies and balances energy.  It is helpful against anger that is held in or self-directed, and it soothes emotional stress.  It is a stone of great hope and courage, and recommended for anyone that is going through an emotional crisis, as it will help balance your emotions.

Garnet – the Stone of Passion

Garnet orgonite pendant
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Garnet and gold orgonite pendant

Garnet is a root chakra stone that has strong sexual and sensual energies.  When your root chakra is balanced, you feel full of vitality and energy, and this translates to your sex drive.  Furthermore, garnet is said to balance your sex drive.  It is also recognised as the stone of passion, and it inspires passion, devotion, fidelity and trust between partners.

Business Success with Garnet Orgonite Pendants

Garnet is also a good crystal for anything related to business. It is often thought of as the success stone, and it helps you with forming helpful connections to other people.  Its usefulness in business is also connected to its energising and regenerating properties – it promotes health and vitality, and can drive away fatigue and stimulate your imagination.

Garnet Orgonite Pendant Benefits

Garnet orgonite pendant
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Garnet orgonite pendant

You should consider getting a garnet orgonite pendant if:

  • You are going through a crisis or depression (please do still seek professional help – using alternative healing methods doesn’t have to mean shunning traditional medicine!)
  • Your energy levels are low, or you feel lacklustre about life
  • You want to be more creative and imaginative
  • You want a boost in business success
  • You want to improve your social life
  • You feel that your sex drive is too low, or too high
  • You would like more passion in your life (applies outside the bedroom too!)

If you want to buy a garnet orgonite pendant, including the ones pictured on this page, head over to the garnet orgonite section on the Orgonise Yourself Store.

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