Carnelian Orgonite Pendant Properties

carnelian orgonite pendant
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The use of carnelian in jewellery dates back all the way to 3000 BC, and has been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.  It is a sacral chakra crystal that enhances confidence, assertiveness and initiative.

Carnelian Orgonite Properties

Carnelian is a stone that both boosts and stabilises your energies.  It is a very joyful stone that fosters feelings of happiness and motivation.  Its energy resembles the feelings brought on by a peaceful, warm afternoon.  While it encourages creativity and action, it is at the same time a very calm and nourishing stone which also has grounding qualities.  Since it is a sacral chakra stone, it is also a stone of passion and sexuality.

Carnelian Orgonite to Boost Happiness and Self-Esteem

Carnelian helps people feel anchored and comfortable in their surroundings and in their own skin.  It will help to anchor you in the present so you can be at peace with the Now.   It boosts confidence and self-esteem, and helps you overcome negative conditioning.  It calms anger and banishes negativity, and is used as protection against rage, envy and resentment.  Carnelian encourages a love of life.

carnelian orgonite pendant
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Carnelian – the Success Stone

Carnelian has a high energy that helps restore vitality and motivation.  Depression and low self-esteem can lead to a lack of initiative, and carnelian gently stimulates you, improves your concentration and helps you focus. It is a good stone for students.  It will give you courage and help you to make positive choices for growth in your life.  It also dispels lethargy and sharpens concentration.  Carnelian orgonite can be very beneficial as a meditation aid for those that find it difficult to focus when meditating.

carnelian orgonite pendant
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Carnelian Orgonite Pendant Benefits

You should consider getting a carnelian orgonite pendant if:

  • You are feeling lethargic and sluggish and could use an energy boost
  • You need to improve your concentration and focus
  • You are feeling lacklustre about life, or find it difficult to be satisfied with your present situations
  • You would like to feel more passionate (incuding, but not limited to your sex life)
  • You lack faith in your own abilities and need a boost in confidence and self-esteem

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