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Black Tourmaline Orgonite Properties

Black tourmaline orgonite is powerfully grounding, and enhances the ability of orgonite to protect against the effects of EMF, since black tourmaline in itself is the best crystal to use against EMF (don’t forget that orgonite highly magnifies the power of any crystal embedded within it).

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Properties of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is good to use against energy that feels scattered and disconnected, since it is a grounding root chakra stone.  It is also very good at repelling any kind of negative energy – probably one of the best stones for this cause.  If you are feeling sensitive to negative energy around you, it’s a good idea to wear a black tourmaline orgonite pendant.

Furthermore, black tourmaline is a very good stone for helping you deal with stress and crisis.  It helps strengthen your immune system and can even help with pain relief.  It can be used to soothe panic attacks and increase confidence.

black tourmaline orgonite pendant
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Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pendants for Shamans and Healers

Black tourmaline orgonite pendants and pyramids can provide protection during shamanic work, or other rituals where you might need extra protection.  It is also a good stone to use when meditating or doing healing work.  Healers tend to come in contact with other people’s negative or stagnant energy often, and while most healers are careful to ground and centre themselves while doing healing work, a black tourmaline orgonite pendant can provide extra protection against picking up on other people’s negative energy, as well as grounding the healer to make the healing more effective.

Black tourmaline orgonite pyramid - orgone pyramid generator
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Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pendant and Pyramid Benefits

You should consider getting a black tourmaline orgonite if:

  • You feel scattered or disconnected from reality
  • You are very sensitive to other people’s energy, especially negative energy (i.e. if you are an empath)
  • You are a healer or shaman who wants extra protection and grounding
  • You need some help to carry you through an emotionally difficult period
  • You need a confidence boost
  • You suffer from anxiety or panic attacks
  • You have a weak or imbalanced root chakra

If you want to buy a black tourmaline orgonite pendant or pyramid, similar to the ones pictured on this page, head over to the black tourmaline orgonite section in our shop!

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