9 Fascinating Experiments That Prove Orgonite Works!

A lot of the popularity of orgonite is thanks to anecdotal evidence – when people talk about orgonite, they talk about how it makes them feel better, sleep deeper, have less sensitivity to EMFs, and how it has helped heal blockages in their energy. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of orgonite has spread like wildfire. Rigorous scientific evidence is unfortunately lacking though, and many people wonder if there is any proof that orgonite actually works, or if it’s just the placebo effect.

However, people have done experiments to show that orgonite does indeed have an effect. Most of these experiments are easy to replicate at home, and hopefully they’ll inspire you to attempt your own orgonite experiments! I’ve picked nine of the most interesting experiments below.

9 experiments that prove orgonite works
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1. Plant Experiment by Mark Bennett

In 2014, Mark Bennett, a Brighton-based investigative journalist, set out to prove that orgonite works by posting a video of two vegetable plots – one with four orgonite towerbusters buried at the corners, and another one next to it, without any orgonite at all. Here were the results:

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There’s a huge difference between the orgonite plants and the control – not only are the orgonised plants bigger, but they look greener and healthier too. Mark comments in the video description that the orgonite was rotated the next year, with the same results. Watch the full video below:





2. Vegetables Grown by Mr Barker

Mark Bennett, who posted the above video, also collaborated with several farmers and gardeners, handing out nearly 100 orgonites for them to experiment with. One of the farmers, a Mr. P Barker had fascinating results. In the pictures below, the vegetables exposed to orgonite are on the left. Interestingly enough, the plants with orgonite were planted in much poorer soil than the control plants, but the orgonised vegetables are still considerably larger:

This experiment was replicated several times by Mr Barker, rotating the orgonites each year. You can read more about these experiments here, here and here.

3. An Experiment with Cut Roses

This experiment to prove the efficacy of orgonite was done with a bunch of yellow roses that had already wilted slightly. She divided them into three groups, A, B and C, and put each of these into different vases.

Vase A had a resin encased small quartz wrapped in copper inside the vase, and the vase was also put on an orgonite coaster. Vase B was given flower food that came with the roses. Vase C was the control, with no flower food or orgonite. She took photos in the beginning, at 36 hours, and at 82 hours. Here are the results (notice how the flowers with orgonite look better and better in each photo, while the others start wilting):

The original experiment is unfortunately no longer online, but you can read my summary of it on this page.

4. Vegetable Garden Orgonite Experiment From Orgone Art

Yet another impressive orgonite plant experiment was carried out and posted on Orgone Art, two years in a row. The first year, two beds were sowed with the exact same amount of seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins and zucchinis. here are the two vegetable beds at the beginning of the experiment, with the one containing orgonite on the right:

orgonite plant growth experiment orgone art
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One month and a week after planting, the difference is striking:

orgonite plant experiment orgoen art 2
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The author notes that the cucumbers in the basket on the right hand size – usually measuring at about 8-10 inches – reached an impressive 12-14 inches with orgonite!

The next year, the experiment was repeated with butternut squash seeds. The following picture is taken a couple of months after the seeds had been planted:

orgonite experiment - orgone art 3
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About ten days after the photo was taken, the garden with orgonite contained 16 large butternut squashes, while the non-orgonite garden contained 5 small squashes. Read more about this experiment here and here.

5. Seed Sprouting Experiment by Orgone Art

Seed sprouting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to show the effects of orgonite. The following experiment was carried out over at Orgone Art again. Two jars of seeds, weighing 20 grams each, were placed in identical conditions, except that one jar was exposed to orgonite, and the control was kept 15 feet away from any orgonite device. The seeds were soaked with water, and regularly rinsed and weighed. Here are the results after 56 hours of the experiment:

orgone art - orgonite seed test2
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Another image shows the striking difference of the germination process in the two jars:

orgone art seed test experiment
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For full details of this experiment, head over to Orgone Art.

6. Orgonite, EMF and Seed Growth Experiment by Orgonise Africa

Another seed test experiment was performed by Orgonise Africa – with some differences to the above experiment. For this experiment, three jars of water were treated in different ways, and then used to sprout seeds. The first jar of water was put inbetween two mobile phones calling each other for 30 minutes. The second jar had the same conditions, except two orgonite “minishields” were put on the the backs of the two phones. The third jar was a control.

After this treatment, an equal measure of seeds were measured for each jar of water. The seeds were left to germinate, and after five days, were compared and weighed. Notice how the first glass of seeds that were exposed to EMF water have the least density, followed by the control. Lastly, the glass in the middle look considerably healthier and have the most density:

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However, the seeds were also weighed, with the results showing 148 grams for the “EMF seeds”, 165 grams for the orgonite seeds, and 150 grams for the control. See the full details of this experiment at Orgonise Africa.

7. Orgonite Kirlian Photos by Sensei

Kirlian photography is a technique that captures electric coronal discharges of objects. It is believed by many that Kirlian photos capture the life-force, or aura, of beings and objects. Sensei from the Warriormatrix forum took the following Kirlian photos of orgonites that he had made – the main difference being the kind of metals used. He also took a photo of “plasterite” (an orgonite-inspired device that does not contain resin), and a finger, to compare – and both gave poor results compared to the various orgonites. Here is the image:

The captions from left to right, top to bottom read:

  • Aluminium, regular sized shavings
  • Aluminium, fine small shavings
  • Brass, large shavings
  • Brass, fine shavings
  • Copper, large shavings
  • Copper, fine particles (a very strong player)
  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Bismuth (a pleasant surprise!)
  • Nano iron and nano crystals
  • Plasterite
  • Finger
  • Aluminium and brass TB

Read the original post here.

8. Orgonite Ice Experiments

The following is not one single experiment, but a collection of various experiments people have done with freezing water and orgonite. To perform this experiment, it’s important to do the control first, because once the orgonite has been put in the freezer, it will have an effect even after it has been removed.

When freezing water on top of, or under an orgonite, you should notice something that looks like a vortex in the middle of the ice block, often accompanied by beautiful patterns in the ice. The image below was taken by myself, with the glass on the left as a control, and the one on the right placed on top of an orgonite charging plate in the freezer:

orgonite ice test - proof of orgonite
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And here is another set of pictures, given to me by a customer who bought one of my orgonite pendants:

orgonite ice test - proof of orgonite 2
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Here are some more pictures of the beautiful patterns that appear in water frozen in the vicinity of orgonite:

orgonite ice experiment warriormatrix 1
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orgonite ice experiment warriormatrix 2
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9. Aura Videos and Pictures with Orgonite

Last but not least, we have some photos and a video showing the auras of people as they are exposed to orgonite. The first set is from a couple of aura photos taken with and without an orgonite pendant. The image on the right is the one where the woman is wearing an orgonite pendant. Notice how the aura is much brighter, as well as the chakras – particularly her heart chakra:

orgonite aura photo proof
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This photo was found on Etheric Warriors forum, although the original topic seems to have since been deleted.

Next is a video by Reiki Orgone, using WinAura technology, which captures the aura on video. A healer is performing Reiki while directing an orgonite over the subject’s aura:






 I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and learnt more about orgonite in the process! If you’d like to save this article, you can pin the image below on Pinterest:

9 experiments that show orgonite works
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