Orgonite Seed Test – Germination

One of the easiest orgonite experiments that you can do is to look at how orgonite affects the germination of seeds. There are quite a few orgonite seed experiments on the net, and I decided to gather the ones I could find in this blog post.

First off, we have an experiment from the Orgonise Africa website:

Water was poured into three glasses.

From left to right:

  • Sample 1 – Two phones without an orgonite minishield, calling for 30 minutes
  • Sample 2 – Two phones with orgonite minishields, calling for 30 minutes
  • Sample 3 – Untreated water, a control.

Next, an equal measure of seeds was measured for each water sample.  The seeds were left to germinate overnight.  After this, the three seed samples were rinsed with their respective water regularly.

After five days, here are the results:

Simply by looking at these three glasses, we can already see that sample 2 – the one treated with orgonite – looks healthiest.  But in order to be objective, the three samples were also weighed:

From left to right:

  • Sample 1 – 148 grams.  When viewed close up, there are many brown sprouts that seem to be rotting.  When examining the sprouts closer, “the whole sample feels somewhat slimey”
  • Sample 2 – 165 grams. The sprouts look very healthy.
  • Samle 3 – 150 grams. Healthy sprouts, but not as high as the ones treated with orgonite.

Other experiments echo the same results.  The next two pictures are from  The seeds on the right-hand side had a piece of orgonite directly underneath it, while the ones on the left had nothing.


And here’s an experiment from Quebec Orgone.  Two jars with the exact same weight of seeds and water, one of them (sample A) was exposed to a large orgonite (HHG), while sample B was kept at least 15 feet away from the orgonite, but under the same conditions as sample A.

Here are the two jars with 20 grams of seeds contained in each:

200 grams of water was added to each jar for the seeds to soak in.  After 24 hours, another reading was taken. There is already a difference in weight – sample A weighs 5 grams more:

A few more readings were taken, which you can see in the link posted to Quebec Orgone’s website.  I’ve only included two of them here, since the results were consistent – the seeds exposed to orgonite weighed more and had better growth.  At the end of the experiment, one last reading was taken.  Sample A weighed 79 grams, while sample b weighed only 57. A striking difference!

And a final side-by-side comparison of the two jars:



Hi Karin,

I received my package today. Wow! It arrived in great time. Especially because it was from UK to Canada. I was impressed. The packaging held everything together safely too.
I am excited to have this experience.
I will keep you posted as to how I am doing..
Thank you and blessing to you.
Ingrid H.

Great to hear, Ingrid 😀 Hope you enjoy your orgonite experience!
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