Is the Eye of Horus an Evil Illuminati Symbol?

eye of horus evil illuminati
I just got an email from someone regarding my use of the Eye of Horus in some of my pendants. He was wondering why I would use a “destructive symbol” in healing products. He wondered the same about using pyramid shapes for orgonite. It occurs to me that others may wonder the same thing, so I’ll copy-paste part of my reply to him:

“The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. While certain ill-meaning groups may have appropriated the symbol for their own purposes, the third eye or all-seeing eye has been used in many cultures worldwide. So in my opinion, it’s a powerfully spiritual symbol that absolutely has a place in healing.

As for the pyramids, it’s a similar thing. Ancient pyramids are found all over the world since their shape is conducive to channeling energy.

These two symbols have been used for healing and spiritual purposes for thousands of years, but unfortunately spiritual symbols are sometimes hijacked (due to their power), and people tend to focus on the negative instances when they are used, rather than the positive instances that greatly outnumber the negative ones. Same thing happened to the swastika, which is a sacred Hindu symbol, but because Hitler stole it, many people don’t know that it’s actually still used as a symbol of well-being and luck. Or how sometimes, certain flags are associated with racism because anti-immigrant groups use them to represent themselves (eg. in Sweden, where I am from, if you wear a Swedish flag many people will assume you’re a neo-nazi).”

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