Does Orgonite Need Cleaning?

Does orgonite need cleaningPeople often want to know whether they need to clean orgonite like they do with crystals.  In my opinion, orgonite is self-cleansing and should not need regular cleaning, especially if it contains a stone like selenite which will keep the orgonite clean (I add selenite to all my orgonite products).

However I have found that sometimes orgonite can benefit from a boost of sorts.  This doesn’t need to be done often – once every few months is usually fine, but use your own judgement.  If your orgonite doesn’t feel as efficient as it could be, then a bit of a clean and boost could do it well. There are a few ways of doing this:

  • Running water – Hold your orgonite under running water and visualise the water cleaning and strengthening the orgonite. It isn’t recommended to leave the orgonite in water or saltwater for long periods of time.  Decorative pieces may sustain a bit of water damage.  However, wearing your orgonite pendant in the shower or holding it under running water for a few minutes will not do  any damage.
  • Sunshine – Orgonite loves sunshine! Leave your pieces outside in the sun to give them a boost. Be aware that direct sunlight for prolonged periods can bleach certain stones such as amethyst and rose quartz.  This will not affect the efficacy of your orgonite, but it might be an aesthetic concern for you.
  • Mental purification – Put the orgonite in the palm of your hand and visualise the orgonite becoming cleansed and boosted.  This can be made more effective if you invoke any higher powers that you believe in.

Just like crystals, orgonite has a consciousness of sorts and responds very well to intention.  The more love and attention you devote to your orgonite, the better it will work for you.


I like to cleanse my orgonite in the ocean. I take it with before going for a surf and its just great. The Pacific ocean gives me great inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation and purification. Also cleansing the crystals in ocean water gives them attunement to the natural flow of the ocean.

Great idea Erik 🙂 Water is great for cleansing things – I wear my orgonite pendant in the shower. As long as you don’t submerge the orgonite in water for too long, I find it does weird things to the resin (makes it cloudy).

Do you have to visualize when using water to clean orgones? Also, is fluoride bad for the orgones?

Hi Joe, thanks for the comment. Visualisation always helps but I wouldn’t say that you have to. And no, fluoride won’t harm it.

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