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Sacral Chakra Charging plate

Fire up your life with my Sacral Chakra Charging plate! ⁠⁠This charging plate can be used with your food, drinks, crystals and other items you have in your home. It brings energies of creativity, sensuality and self-expression. ⁠⁠This chakra is all about pleasure and enjoyment – is there an area of your life that needs …

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Solar plexus orgonite charging plate

Charge your whole life with intention! This is perfect for the fiery Leo season energy we’re in right now. If there’s an area of your life where you feel you need more confidence, work with unblocking and empowering your solar plexus.⁠⁠Containing both tiger’s eye and citrine, this orgonite plate packs a powerful yet grounded punch. …

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Crown chakra plate

Purple is typically associated with the crown chakra in spiritual teachings, which is the chakra of intuition, wisdom and connection to the Universe (or whatever you believe in spiritually).⁠⁠It’s located at the top of the head, and is a great point to focus on in your meditation when your eyes are closed, in order to …

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Keep your inner fire burning! ⁠

This is my Onyx charging plate (available now), which also features the powerful symbolism of the peacock. The peacock encourages you to freely express yourself without fear of judgment. It also helps you to see from a higher perspective!⁠⁠I know many of us have more time on our hands, so it’s a great time to …

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Turquoise dreams

I LOVE seeing the final outcome of pieces I’ve created! Whilst I always have the design in mind, you never truly know what will come out of the mould. ⁠⁠Here is my Turquoise charging plate, which enhances intuition and promotes effective communication. It’s also good for stabilising mood swings and instilling inner calm – a …

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tourmaline charging plate review

Absolutely love this charging plate, it has so much energy and looks so beautiful as well. Karin thank you so much and also massive thank you for the extra gift and everything you do, because my spiritual journey started when I purchased my first orgonite from you. xxx -Kamilla, Etsy

Testimonials and Reviews

Following are some of the reviews I have received for my orgone jewellery and art pieces over the years. To see more reviews, go to Shipped very early and the pieces are wonderfully made. Each piece of orgone came with a little card describing the stone included. They’ve been in my home for just about …

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Orgonite Spring Blossoms

Some new orgonite pieces enjoying spring blossoms 🙂 Mandala orgonite pendant: Another mandala pendant: A charging plate, a custom order for someone on Etsy: