orgonite pyramids

Orgonite is a device that balances and harmonises negative energy. I make a selection of orgonite devices with healing crystals. Whether you’re looking for a pendant to wear, or beautiful pyramids and chakra cones to keep the energy in your home healthy, I’ve got you covered!

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Jewellery and Art that Heals

karin orgonise yourself - small
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Inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an orgone energy device is made from resin, metal and crystals, and it converts negative or stagnant bioelectric energy into positive energy.  People use orgone energy devices to purify the atmosphere, to counter-act the effects of EMF radiation, to help plants grow, and to aid in healing practices. Simply put, an orgone energy device creates a positive, balanced environment through its energy healing properties.

I use a combination of orgone energy devices and healing crystals to help people make energetic shifts. Crystals work by exposing your body to a specific healing frequency, until your natural frequency is raised to resonate with the crystal’s.  Since orgone energy devices act as amplifiers, orgone pendants and art pieces are a wonderful way to make use of healing crystals.

All orgone jewellery and art displayed here is lovingly and carefully handcrafted by myself in beautiful, high-vibe surroundings in my home country, Zambia, and shipped from London, UK, where I am permanently based. You can read more about me and how I came to start Orgonise Yourself here. I create each piece with the intention that it will find its way to the person who will benefit from it the most. Orgone energy devices are a wonderful tool for anyone who is on a journey of self-healing and personal and spiritual development.

-Karin Sakwanda

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chakra set review
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Amazing results when used during a Reiki session with a client. I am planning on using this orgonite set with a Clearing Session that I offer at my spa . Strong vibrational set and so happy that I found this seller. You can tell by all the pieces what compassion and love go into each piece! What a blessing!


tourmaline charging plate review
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Absolutely love this charging plate, it has so much energy and looks so beautiful as well. Karin thank you so much and also massive thank you for the extra gift and everything you do, because my spiritual journey started when I purchased my first orgonite from you. xxx


Onyx orgonite pendant review
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This is so very beautiful in person! This was a gift for my mother and she loves it! She has told me she get compliments where ever she goes. All her friends want their own orgonite now. I will definitely purchase more. Karin is such a great spirit. She always answers my many questions and you can tell she loves what she does. I have been inspired to try make my own orgonite this year! Thank you Karin


spiritual growth orgonite pendant review
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BEAUTIFUL!!!! So pleased with this necklace! Thank you for your guidance Karin in helping me select the perfect orgonite pendant! You have a special talent making these little masterpieces! Also thank you for the little gift enclosed with my order! The care you put into the packaging ensured my parcel arrived safe and sound. Thank you!


kids pendant orgonite review
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I ordered this for my daughter and it arrived within 48 hours! My daughter knew exactly what was in the envelope and grabbed it from the postman and literally ripped it open! (She would never usually open something without asking first). She loved it immediately and wears it all day, always remembering to put it on as soon as she gets up. Thank-you so much for a much-loved pendant and exquisite service!


orgonite pendant testimonial
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Arrived really fast, only 1 week to get to LA! It is so so well-made and beautiful, in just 1 week I have felt a huge difference in my spiritual healing. Karin was so nice to listen to my concerns and direct me to this orgonite pendant. Highly recommend this seller & I’ll definitely be back!



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