Rose Quartz Orgonite

Rose quartz orgonite is wonderfully soothing, and an excellent heart opener. Since orgonite amplifies the power of any crystal inside it, a rose quartz orgonite is the perfect choice for matters of love, romance and strengthening and attracting relationships of any kind.

rose quartz orgonite

Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a nurturing stone which purifies and opens the heart at all levels, encouraging unconditional love, trust, forgiveness, and deep inner healing. It is the most important and commonly used crystal for heart chakra healing, and it promotes receptivity to love and beauty of all kinds.


Rose Quartz Orgonite to Attract Love

Rose quartz orgonite can be a beautiful tool to help you attract more love into your life. One of the best things about rose quartz is that it also fosters self-love, and as it is often said, in order to have a happy and healthy relationship, you need to love yourself. Like attracts like, and when you fill yourself up with loving and positive energy, you’ll find yourself attracting more opportunities to feel loved by those around you.

Rose Quartz Orgonite and Emotional Healing

Rose quartz is also a wonderful tool for emotional healing. It comforts and heals any wounds the heart has suffered, and dissolves fear, sorrow and resentments.  It breaks up old negative energy in a gentle way due to its incredibly nurturing energy. Rose quartz is recommended especially for those who felt a lack of love when young.

Rose Quartz Orgonite Benefits

You should consider getting a rose quartz orgonite pendant if:

  • You want to attract a new relationship into your life
  • You want to strengthen a current relationship (whether with a lover or a friend)
  • You want to heal emotional wounds
  • You want to increase your self-esteem and feelings of self-love
  • You have a weak or imbalanced heart chakra
  • You suffer from anxiety – rose quartz is a calming crystal

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