Orgone Pyramids

Healing Crystal Orgone Pyramids to Generate Positive Energy

orgonite pyramids

Orgone pyramids attract unbalanced orgone energy, draw it in and transform it back into its original, natural, balanced state. Many people are discovering the energy-cleansing benefits of orgone pyramids, and keep them in their homes – either in places where they spend a lot of time, for example by their bed or desk, or near devices that generate strong EMFs (WiFi routers, microwaves, etc).

An orgone energy device is made of resin, metals and quartz, and it strengthens your body’s energy field, helping to protect you from negative energy and EMFs. Crystals work by exposing your energy body to a certain healing frequency, until your natural frequency is raised to resonate with the crystal’s. By using both orgone matrix and crystal healing methods together, I hope to help people bring healing and energetic shifts in their lives.

Below you’ll find regular-sized and mini orgone pyramids. The flat tops of the pyramids can be used to charge objects such as crystals or talismans.  My orgone pyramids are lovingly hand-crafted, and my intention it that each one will find the person that can benefit from it the most.  When advising people how to pick a pyramid, I always tell them to follow their intuition – the orgone pyramid that jumps out to you is usually the right one!

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Orgone Pyramids

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