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Bought this for my boyfriend as an earlier birthday gift and he's over the moon! It's very well made and I'm looking forward to buying myself one in future :) P.S. The small pyramid orgonite was a lovely addition as well!



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Shungite, the Stone of Life

Shungite deposit in Russia

Shungite deposit in Russia

What is shungite?

Shungite sphere

Polished shungite sphere

Shungite is a black carbon-based mineral which is believed to have been formed 2 billion years ago from the remains of the first lifeforms on this planet. It has been used for healing purposes in Russia since the early 18th century, and modern research shows it to have antibacterial qualities. Shungite also contains fullerenes – antioxidants that have been shown to have a regenerative effect.

Shungite is divided into different grades depending on the stone’s lustre. Dull black shungite is more common and inexpensive, while the highest and most expensive grade of shungite has a shiny, metallic appearance.

Most of the world’s shungite comes from one location – Karelia in north-west Russia. Peter the Great was one of the first champions of shungite’s healing properties. He built Russia’s first spa in a place that was known for its shungite-enriched waters, and it is said that he gave his troops pieces of shungite to put into their water for good health.

The metaphysical properties of shungite

Orgonite shungite bracelet

Orgonite shungite bracelet

Shungite is quickly becoming one of the more sought-after stones for metaphysical purposes, and is often called “the Stone of Life” due to its healing and antibacterial qualities. Many people use shungite to purify water not only physically, but spiritually too – adding a piece of shungite and letting it rest in water for a few days is thought to infuse the water with the healing and balancing energy of the shungite.

Shungite is often used to protect against the harmful effects of EMF. It is associated with the root chakra, and it protects and grounds with its strong earth energy. In Russia, “shungite rooms” (rooms which contain pieces of shungite in their walls) are used for for relaxation and rehabilitation. Shungite calms and soothes in moments of stress.

Does it sound like you need some shungite in your life? You can check out my shungite orgonite pendants and accessories in my Etsy shop. If you’re looking for the plain mineral, Shungit Store has the widest range of shungite products that I’ve seen – raw shungite stones, jewellery, shot glass sets, shungite-infused creams, cute figurines and much more.

New and Improved Orgonite Chakra Set!

So a little while ago I decided to spruce up the my deluxe orgonite chakra sets.  I bought some plain wooden boxes, wood stain, a flower of life stencil and some gold spray paint.  Here are the results:

Wooden flower of life box for orgonite chakra set

orgonite chakra set

The chakra sets contain the following gemstones corresponding to each chakra:

Root chakra: Garnet
Sacral chakra: Carnelian
Solar Plexus chakra: Tiger’s Eye
Heart chakra: Rose quartz
Throat chakra: Turquoise
Third Eye chakra: Lapis lazuli
Crown chakra: Amethyst

Each one contains 24k gold flake, mixed metal shavings, resin, selenite and crystal quartz.

orgonite chakra set white

orgonite chakra puck

The chakra set is available to buy in my Etsy shop.


I also have a ‘no-frills’ chakra set which contains the same ingredients as the deluxe set, minus the 24k gold:

chakra set no frills

For some ideas on how to use orgonite chakra sets, check out my blog post on using orgonite to heal energy blockages in the body.

Boxing Day Sale!

orgonite sale flyer

Get 30% off orgonite pendants, pyramids and more with the coupon code LOVEORGONITE – expires 01/01/2015.  Visit my orgonite shop.

Is the Eye of Horus an Evil Illuminati Symbol?

eye of horus evil illuminati
I just got an email from someone regarding my use of the Eye of Horus in some of my pendants. He was wondering why I would use a “destructive symbol” in healing products. He wondered the same about using pyramid shapes for orgonite. It occurs to me that others may wonder the same thing, so I’ll copy-paste part of my reply to him:

“The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. While certain ill-meaning groups may have appropriated the symbol for their own purposes, the third eye or all-seeing eye has been used in many cultures worldwide. So in my opinion, it’s a powerfully spiritual symbol that absolutely has a place in healing.

As for the pyramids, it’s a similar thing. Ancient pyramids are found all over the world since their shape is conducive to channeling energy.

These two symbols have been used for healing and spiritual purposes for thousands of years, but unfortunately spiritual symbols are sometimes hijacked (due to their power), and people tend to focus on the negative instances when they are used, rather than the positive instances that greatly outnumber the negative ones. Same thing happened to the swastika, which is a sacred Hindu symbol, but because Hitler stole it, many people don’t know that it’s actually still used as a symbol of well-being and luck. Or how sometimes, certain flags are associated with racism because anti-immigrant groups use them to represent themselves (eg. in Sweden, where I am from, if you wear a Swedish flag many people will assume you’re a neo-nazi).”

Some further reading:
Reclaiming Spiritual Symbols
The All-Seeing Eye: Sacred Origins of a Hijacked Symbol 

Varnishing Orgonite and Other Polyester Resin Projects

orgonite resin varnish

When I first started making orgonite, I struggled to find a way to keep the surface area tack-free and glossy.  If you work with epoxy resin, you might not have this problem, but polyester resin retains a slightly tacky surface which softens when heated.  This means that when your resin piece is cured, you might find fingerprints on it after holding it too long.

Apparently this tackiness only occurs on the surfaces exposed to air when curing, so usually plastic, glass and metal moulds aren’t such a big problem, but silicone moulds are another story.  I’m assuming this is because resin shrinks while curing, and silicone is flexible enough to allow air into the mould.

Sanding and buffing

Many resin artists use sandpaper in progressively finer grits to sand down the resin, finishing by buffing it until it shines.  I did try out this method for a while, but it’s a lot of work to do by hand, and I didn’t manage to get the pieces to look as shiny as they were fresh out of the mould.

Lacquer spray

Another thing that other orgonite makers have recommended is clear lacquer spray paint.  I had varying measures of success with this.  It’s easy to apply (just spray it) and produces good shine, but it can have long curing times.  I used this for a while, but sometimes I had to wait for weeks for a piece to cure, and eventually I got fed up with it.

My solution: Bonda Seal

Finally, I emailed a few resin manufacturers to ask what product they would recommend (it’s funny how sometimes the most obvious answer only comes to us after we’ve tried everything else).  One man recommended a product called Bonda Seal, which I’ve been using ever since.

Bonda Seal Varnish for Polyester ResinBonda Seal is a non-yellowing resin varnish which dries completely hard after 72 hours.  The pendant I am currently wearing has taken a beating over the past few months.  Since I can re-cast, sandpaper and varnish my pendants any time, I don’t treat them as delicately as I should. That means I sleep with them on, bump them into things, shove them in my bag with lots of other objects, etc.  But since I’ve been using this varnish, there’s not a scratch on the pendant.  Not that I recommend that anyone else do this, of course – with or without good varnish, resin can still scratch or break.

Anyway, I highly recommend this to fellow resin casters and orgonite makers.

Some tips for using this varnish:

  • Do it in a well-ventilated area, and/or wearing a respirator, since the fumes can damage your lungs.
  • Specks of dust show up quite clearly after the varnish has dried, so if it’s important to have a glass-smooth surface, make sure there’s no dust in the brush that you use and cover the resin object while drying.
  • Keep a tissue with some acetone on hand to clean up any mess and wipe the bottle after pouring.

Unfortunately this product is only sold in the UK as far as I know, but I’m sure there are equivalent products in other countries – please leave a comment if you can recommend any varnish product.  As for Bonda Seal, here’s a link to buy it.

Facebook Summer Competition!

Facebook competition orgoniteI am running a Facebook competition for everyone who has bought or been given products from this website!

This is your chance to win a deluxe orgonite chakra set (retail value: £135/$230).   The competition will be held until the end of September, when I will pick a winner.  If you don’t feel your photography skills are up to snuff, don’t fret – I have gold and black tourmaline pendants that will be given to three randomly picked runners-up!  All entrants will receive a 15% discount for Orgonise Yourself Etsy.

How to Enter

Competition runner up1. Take a photo featuring an orgonite from Orgonise Yourself.  There are no rules for the pictures – be creative!  It could be a photo of you wearing an orgonite pendant, some pyramids chilling in the sunshine, a beautiful landscape with an orgonite in the foreground, or anything else that inspires you.

2. Upload the photo to the Orgonise Yourself Facebook page.  Once you have your photo, go to my Facebook page and create a post on my Wall with the picture.

3. Send me a message to claim your 15% discount.  Due to how Facebook works, I am unable to message you to give you the discount code, so simply send me a message letting me know that you’ve entered the competition, and I will send your code to you!

Competition rules

1. The competition is open to anyone who has orgonite in their possession from Orgonise Yourself, whether bought or received as a gift.

2. Please submit your entry by September 30th 2014.

Facebook summer 23. Pictures submitted must feature an orgonite from Orgonise Yourself.

4. If you take pictures of people then you must obtain their written permission. If you take pictures of children (under the age of 18) you must have written permission from their parents. This written permission should be scanned and emailed to me.

5. Copyright remains with the entrant. However, by entering the competition the entrant gives me permission to use the image to promote Orgonise Yourself in any media.

6. One photo per entrant – if an entrant posts more than one photo, only the first will be used for the competition.

7. I may alter, amend or cancel this competition due to circumstances beyond my  reasonable control.

Orgonite Rings

I’ve added new products to my shop – orgonite rings!  They were inspired by a comment on my Instagram by someone who didn’t wear pendants but was very interested in rings.

These rings are about 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8″) and are adjustable in size.  They contain shungite, a powerfully protective crystal also known as “the stone of life”.  Shungite is a grounding root chakra stone that also has EMF protective qualities.

orgonite heart ring orgonite butterfly ring orgonite copper ring


The orgonite rings were snapped up quickly – at the time of this post, only the first one remains in my Etsy orgonite shop.  They were a lot of fun to make though, so now that I’ve got the process down I hope to be adding many more in the coming month.

Orgonite Pendants for Kids

I recently added some orgonite pendants for kids to my Etsy shop:

orgonite for kids

Kids seem to be particularly drawn to orgonite, as they are more sensitive to energy.  They are also much more sensitive to EMF pollution than adults are, and exposure to mobile phones and Wi-Fi can lead to health complications such as ADHD and DNA damage.  Orgonite is one way to increase your children’s resistance to EMFs (crystals such as tourmaline and moss agate can also be used for this purpose).

These kids orgonite pendants contain crystal quartz, selenite, ormus, rose quartz and a cute howlite starfish.

orgonite for childrenRose quartz is a fantastic crystal for kids, as it has a very loving and nurturing energy. It heals the heart chakra on all levels and helps keep it open and healthy, especially when worn over the heart as a pendant.

Rose quartz is particularly helpful for kids who show aggressive tendencies, or kids with low self-esteem.  It encourages unconditional love, trust and deep inner healing, as well as a receptivity to love and beauty of all kinds.

Howlite is associated with purity and balance.  It has a calming energy which is effective for relieving anxieties and tension by promoting peaceful energy and tranquility.  Howlite helps us develop patience, tolerance and a positive outlook on life.  It also promotes kindness and compassion, and encourages creativity and self-expression.

The pendants are 2.5 x 2.5 cm (approximately 1 x 1″), making them a perfect size and weight for the little ones.  You can choose your cord length, as with all my pendants.

To see the kids’ orgonite pendants that I currently have in stock, have a look at my Etsy orgonite shop.

Orgonite Jewellery - Spring Inspiration

I’ve been busy making a lot of orgonite jewellery lately!  There’s something about spring that fills me with inspiration.

I grew up in Zambia, where the weather is fantastic most of the year, and when I moved to Europe ten years ago it took me a long time to adjust to the cold winters.  But when spring comes around each year, it feels like the months of cold were worth it.  It feels like the world is waking up again – cherry blossoms lining the streets, the sun blessing us with its warmth, people smiling more – I just love the joyful energy in the air.

So in celebration of spring, here’s some orgonite jewellery that I’ve made lately – an explosion of colour!


This orgonite pendant contains hematite, which used to be referred to as the “blood stone”, since it has a high iron content.  It’s a wonderfully grounding, protective gemstone to use in orgonite.  It has a calming energy and can help scatter-brained people or those who have a lot on their minds, in terms of finding inner peace and stillness.  It’s good for when you are feeling nervous or need more confidence.  I think this is one of my favourites from my new batch.



This one reminds me of all the beautiful cherry blossoms on the trees lining the streets.  This orgonite jewellery has rose quartz, a soothing, loving, nurturing stone that harmonises and balances the heart chakra.  It’s the best crystal for anyone who wants to attract more love into their lives, as it dissolves past traumas and opens you up to both giving and receiving love.  Spring stands for new beginnings, after all!


jewelry-pendant-orgoniteThis orgonite pendant contains blue aventurine, a stone that I am using for the first time.  Being a third eye and throat chakra crystal, it is said to open you up to your own intuitive and psychic abilities.  This is the crystal of inner peace, stilling your mind and helping you be at peace with yourself.The Hamsa symbol is an symbol of protection, often used in spiritual jewellery.  It is used in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, but this ancient symbol actually pre-dates all three Abrahamic religions.  It is said to protect against the “evil eye”, or the negative thoughts of others.

orange-orgonite jewelleryI love the bright golden orange hues of this pendant.  This jewellery piece contains tiger’s eye and citrine, two stones which balance the solar plexus chakra.  Citrine has a bright, joyful energy and many people rely on it to bring good fortune into their lives.  It is said to increase personal power and will, and it is also useful for meditation and spiritual development.Tiger’s eye encourages self-worth and confidence, and imparts a sense of joyfulness to its wearer. Similarly to citrine, it enhances personal power and brings good fortune.  Orgonite jewellery with tiger’s eye and/or citrine would benefit anyone who feels shy and has difficulty asserting themselves.

Shungite is one of my new favourites. I actually only heard about this amazing stone a few months ago!  It’s often referred to as the Stone of Life, due to its amazing healing properties.  People put shungite stones in their water to charge and purify it – it also has antibacterial properties.

Shungite is a wonderfully grounding stone that also protects against EMFs.  Any orgonite jewellery will protect its wearer from the negative effects of EMFs by strengthening the body’s own etheric energy field, but it seems to me that shungite in orgonite packs an extra punch for this purpose.



This is another pendant that I was very pleased with – and it actually came about as an accident!  I was planning on a golden backdrop, but I accidentally spilled resin with white mica powder in it.  I was a bit dismayed at the time, but when I saw the result I loved it.

This piece of orgonite jewellery contains red jasper and carnelian.  Red jasper is a root chakra stone that fosters courage and personal independence, while balancing emotional energy.  Native Americans considered it to be one of the most powerful healing stones.

Carnelian is a joyful stone that stimulates creativity, vitality and motivation.  Like jasper, it encourages courage and confidence.  It inspires trust and is said to help ground yourself in your current reality.

Some of these pendants were snapped up pretty quickly after I put them up in my shop, but I have plenty of other beautiful, colourful pieces of orgonite jewellery and acessories in my orgonite shop, so check it out! :) Happy Easter everyone!

Orgonite Spring Blossoms

Some new orgonite pieces enjoying spring blossoms :)

Mandala orgonite pendant:
mandala orgonite blossoms

Another mandala pendant:
mandala blossoms orgonite pendant

A charging plate, a custom order for someone on Etsy:charging plate 2