shungite sphere
Healing Crystals

Shungite, the Stone of Life

What is shungite? Shungite is a black carbon-based mineral which is believed to have been formed 2 billion years ago from the remains of the first lifeforms on this planet. It has been used for […]

orgonite chakra set
New Orgonite Products

New and Improved Orgonite Chakra Set!

So a little while ago I decided to spruce up the my deluxe orgonite chakra sets.  I bought some plain wooden boxes, wood stain, a flower of life stencil and some gold spray paint.  Here are […]

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New Orgonite Products

Boxing Day Sale!

Get 30% off orgonite pendants, pyramids and more with the coupon code LOVEORGONITE – expires 01/01/2015.  Visit my orgonite shop.

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Facebook Summer Competition!

I am running a Facebook competition for everyone who has bought or been given products from this website! This is your chance to win a deluxe orgonite chakra set (retail value: £135/$230).   The competition will be […]

orgonite heart ring
New Orgonite Products

Orgonite Rings

I’ve added new products to my shop – orgonite rings!  They were inspired by a comment on my Instagram by someone who didn’t wear pendants but was very interested in rings. These rings are about 2 […]

kids orgonite pendants
EMF Protection

Orgonite Pendants for Kids

I recently added some orgonite pendants for kids to my Etsy shop: Kids seem to be particularly drawn to orgonite, as they are more sensitive to energy.  They are also much more sensitive to EMF […]

orange-orgonite jewellery
Healing Crystals

Orgonite Jewellery – Spring Inspiration

I’ve been busy making a lot of orgonite jewellery lately!  There’s something about spring that fills me with inspiration. I grew up in Zambia, where the weather is fantastic most of the year, and when […]

Mandala orgonite pendant

Orgonite Spring Blossoms

Some new orgonite pieces enjoying spring blossoms Mandala orgonite pendant: Another mandala pendant: A charging plate, a custom order for someone on Etsy:

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