New Orgonite Pendants for October

This is from a batch I made last week, just finished sanding and polishing them before the weekend.  All of them are available in my Etsy Orgonite Store.

DSC04776 DSC04780 DSC04788 DSC04791 DSC04799 DSC04802 DSC04812 DSC04814 DSC04817 DSC04820 DSC04823 DSC04835 DSC04836 DSC04848

2 Comments on New Orgonite Pendants for October

  1. You make the most beautiful orgonite pieces I’ve ever seen. I make crude TB’s and HHG’s at home but your pieces are incomparable.

    • Thanks so much Nic 🙂 Art is one of my biggest passions, I love making pretty things, and making pretty things with healing properties is something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to do! But orgonite is still orgonite – my first pieces were pretty crude too but they did the job!

      Keep pouring! 🙂

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