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Karin, the colours of the pyramid are lovely...my favourite blue with silvery metal. I was surprised and pleased that you included a gift of another blue orgonite square in the same shade. How thoughtful!

I tested both pieces with a pendulum, and was happy to see that the energy fields of your small pieces were as strong as those of larger orgonite that I have paid much more for. Well designed, quickly shipped, effective products. Thank you for adding positive energy to our world.

-Merrie, Canada


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Orgonite Pendants for Kids

kids orgonite pendants

I recently added some orgonite pendants for kids to my Etsy shop:

Kids seem to be particularly drawn to orgonite, as they are more sensitive to energy. They are also much more sensitive to EMF pollution than adults are, and exposure to […]

My Orgonite Interview at The People’s Voice

A few months ago, I was invited to be interviewed on The People’s Voice tv station, along with another orgonite maker. As it was my first filmed appearance, I was really nervous before but as soon as I got to the studio I was put at ease by how friendly and easy-going everyone was, especially […]

Orgonite and Water

Water is one of the most plentiful and interesting substances on the planet. It has a variety of physical features. Our understanding of the ability of water to store energy and frequencies, is still only in its infancy.

Masaru Emoto and the Water Crystal Experiment

In the 1990’s, Dr Masaru Emoto performed a series of […]

How to Increase Orgonite Effectiveness

The Effectiveness of Orgonite

The quality of orgonite is influenced by several factors:

Curing process: resin is fully cured within 24-72 hours of making orgonite, and during this time frame, the energy which surrounds the orgonite will shape it. That’s why it’s so important that orgonite is made in a suitable […]

Orgonite and the Bagua

The bagua is one of the main tools used in Feng Shui. It is a map that tells us which parts of a space – be it a house or an office building – correlate to particular areas of life. It is an energy map which allows you to analyse the energy of […]

Using Orgonite with Feng Shui

Since orgonite is an excellent space cleanser, it can be used together with Feng Shui to cleanse and balance the chi in your home, to improve areas of your life by using orgonite in conjunction with the Bagua, or to smooth out problematic areas in your home that have a negative impact […]

Orgonite and the Aura

orgonite aura 4

Lately I have been looking into orgonite and the aura. Since orgonite balances our energy, it should affect the human aura and harmonise it. I have found some photos and videos that show orgonite affecting the aura.

First of all, some photos posted by Sensei Dennis. The following photo is an aura photo taken without […]

The Many Benefits of Orgonite

The main function of orgonite is to clean stagnant and negative energy. This has a multitude of beneficial effects. I have listed some of the benefits of orgonite below. These are reported benefits from orgonite users worldwide, and most of these effects have been confirmed by my […]

Using Orgonite to Heal Energy Blockages in the Body

energy blockages and orgonite1

Everything on our plane of existence is made of energy. Even though the computer in front of you may seem 100% solid, consider this: Scientists have shown that if an atom was the size of a cathedral, the nucleus inside it would be the size of a small coin. Atoms are mostly empty […]

Use Orgonite to Help Your Plants Grow!

orgonite plants - garden6

One effect that is widely reported among people who use orgonite is that it helps their plants grow faster. I have experienced this myself. I don’t have much of a green thumb, and have accidentally killed many plants over the years I have one hanging plant which, when I bought it, was lush […]