A collection of experiments that prove that orgonite works.

Orgonite Proof and Experiments

Orgonite Seed Test – Germination

One of the easiest orgonite experiments that you can do is to look at how orgonite affects the germination of seeds. There are quite a few orgonite seed experiments on the net, and I decided […]

Energy Healing

Orgonite and the Aura

Lately I have been looking into orgonite and the aura.  Since orgonite balances our energy, it should affect the human aura and harmonise it.  I have found some photos and videos that show orgonite affecting […]

negative and Positive Ions
Orgonite Proof and Experiments

Orgonite – A Negative Ion Generator

For a long time now I have had a strong suspicion that many of the beneficial effects of orgonite are due to the fact that orgonite creates negative ions.  The anecdotes I have heard about orgonite and […]

Orgonite Kirlian Aura Photographs
Orgonite Proof and Experiments

Orgonite and Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a technique that shows the pattern and brightness of an object’s energy. Sensei from Warrior Matrix forum  used Kirlian photography to show the energy emitted by orgonite made from different types of […]

Orgonite Proof and Experiments

Use Orgonite to Help Your Plants Grow!

One effect that is widely reported among people who use orgonite is that it helps their plants grow faster.  I have experienced this myself.  I don’t have much of a green thumb, and have accidentally […]

Orgonite proof roses1
Orgonite Proof and Experiments

Orgonite Proof: Cut Roses Last Longer

This experiment by Nat was done with a bunch of yellow roses that had already wilted slightly.  She divided them into three groups, A, B and C, and put each of these into different vases. […]